Posted on May 27, 2014

Sicily - Palermo

Cathy: COS coat, Zara shirt, Zara skirt, Dr. Adams boots, Hermès scarf, Mulberry bag

Sarah: H&M shirt, Zara vest, Zara jeans, All Stars shoes, Stylight canvas bag

 Last month we've visited one of Italy's most alluring destinations, its gorgeous island Sicily. In the heart of the Mediterranean, this island has showed us its magical landscape, cosy little villages, and classical heritage reflected in the many architectural wonders. We stayed at a little village on the northern coast. It was half an hour away from the capital city Palermo, where the many Sicilian baroque buildings and churches are located. Our first day in Sicily was rather cloudy with some peaks of sun or brightening throughout the day. Luckily, in the following days the clouds have given way to clear blue skies and a bright shining sun. We spent two days exploring the culture, history and people of the capital city, and could have used a few more. During these days, we decided to walk through Palermo and simply see where our feet would bring us. We ended up seeing the many classic spots and places, such as the Norman palace walls, the baroque square Quattro Canti, the botanical gardens and the massive cathedral church of Palermo, surrounded by plenty of cafés and souvenir shops. Palermo's fascinating landmarks and sights are not to be missed when visiting Sicily.

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